Dear City of Winnipeg invest in sustainbiility sign the open letter

As you know, broad and immediate action on climate change is required from all levels of government, including the City of Winnipeg.

The 2022 City of Winnipeg budget did not reflect the need for investment.

Based on an assessment of the City’s operations, three things have been identified that could increase the City’s impact:

  1. The Office of Sustainability should report to the highest level possible within the city. This will ensure that a climate action lens is applied to all decision-making. Suggest they report to the Chief Administrative Office.
  2. To be successful in meeting its climate targets, and to reflect the importance of climate action and other matters of environmental stewardship, the Office of Sustainability needs substantially more personnel and an increased budget.
  3. Create a Community Advisory Council on sustainability and hire a coordinator position within the Office of Sustainability to manage it.

The City of Edmonton has 37 people in their Office of Sustainability, Toronto over 100 and Saskatoon around 10.  Winnipeg has 5.


In a recent energy efficiency assessment done by Efficiency Canada, Manitoba came 8th out of the 10 provinces. There is lots of need and opportunity for action and that needs investment.

The Office of Sustainability is currently buried within the Department of Water and Waste and has significantly fewer staff than other, similarly sized Canadian cities.  A key part of the Climate Action Plan that was adopted by the City in 2018 is the establishment of a Community Advisory Council. This council has yet to be created and there are no current plans to do so.  These investments do not have a big price tag.

On Friday, December 10th starting at 9:30AM there was the “Executive Policy Committee to hear public delegations on budgets” and a number of speakers supported these asks.  Here is the recording of the hearings.

Budget was voted on Wednesday December 15th 2021 and passed

On July 21 2022, Council voted to adopt the Community Energy Investment Roadmap.  This roadmap recommendations reflect what was asked for in the open letter.  Read the Council Minutes where motion was carried.

You can see here who in City of Winnipeg’s 2020 election supported these asks.


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