OBJECTIVES 1 Support and promote the acceptance of progressive national model codes across all building sectors that strive for Net Zero energy performance. 2 Assist with the development and implementation of strong educational and training programs for industry upskilling and preparedness 3 Encourage prioritization of sustainable and local materials which support local economies and the design and construction of healthy indoor environments conducive to occupant well being. 4 Back a science-based, research driven pathway to affordably transition all buildings, both new and existing, off of natural gas as a fuel source. 5 Promote economic opportunities, investments,and incentives through a total cost of building ownership framework

Sustainable Building Manitoba Inc. was incorporated in 2005 as a non-profit organization.  Since that time the organization has been focused on its Vision of “A sustainable built environment in Manitoba.

In order to make this Vision a reality, the organization’s Mission is “To be a leader, showcase local innovation, and inspire our stakeholders to create life-enhancing environments.  We actively carry out this mission by offering networking and educational opportunities, by promoting collaboration in the local industry and advocating for green building in Manitoba.

Led by an engaged Board of Directors, our individual members and sustaining sponsors are leaders in carrying out this Mission.  Our networking and education events are normally subscribed to capacity, our collaborators are many and our advocacy efforts have made Sustainable Building Manitoba the most recognized sustainable building knowledge hub for governments, media and industry partners alike.

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STRATEGIC PLAN Three pillars EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, PROMOTION EDUCATION PRIORITIES Regular educational content and events Connect and develop sector training opportunities ADVOCACY PRIORITIES Impact on policy, legislation and codes Information hub on sustainable building in Manitoba Collaboration with community PROMOTION PRIORITIES Build engaged community and membership Showcase local sustainable building successes

While still recognizing that all sustainable development goals are both important and intertwined, Sustainable Building Manitoba’s efforts focus primarily on the following 5

1 Sustainable Cities and Communities
2 Responsible Consumption and Production
3 Climate Action
4 Affordable and Clean Energy
5 Clean Water and Sanitation

Sustainalbe development goals