Energy Auditors

An energy auditor is someone who can visit your existing home or commercial building, collect data and use a variety of diagnostic tools to identify energy saving opportunities in the building. Using the information collected, and often including some sort of computer energy modelling, an energy auditor will be able to make recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades you can implement and predict the energy savings you would realize from these upgrades.

Natural Resources Canada promotes the EnerGuide rating system as the gold standard for residential energy audits, and the current federal government has committed to providing up to one million free EnerGuide home evaluations. Details of that program have yet to be announced.”

Looking for an Energy Audit?

Brian Derkach –  Earth And Sky Environmental (EASE)
Gio Robson – prairieHOUSE Performance Inc

Interested in Becoming an Energy Auditor?

In order to deliver EnerGuide energy efficiency evaluations, an individual must pass a number of exams and be affiliated with a Natural Resources Canada certified Service Organization.

Relevant skills/experience include:

– Residential construction knowledge
– Some building science knowledge (but much is included in training)
– Communication and customer relation skills
– Administrative Skills
– Math skills
– IT skills (energy modelling software, spreadsheets, file management)

The process for becoming a Certified Energy Advisor includes significant training (can be independent, online, and/or in person), two 3 hour proctored exams, and completed probationary files under a licensed Service Organization.

prairieHOUSE Performance Inc is the only Manitoba-based Service Organization so any inquiries regarding potential interested Energy Advisor candidates should contact them.

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