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The Transformative Buildings Group (TBG) wants to transform the way buildings in Manitoba are built, renovated, and managed for energy performance. We are grateful to be “under the wing” of Sustainable Building Manitoba but we are semi-independent.

We believe that buildings can achieve much better energy performance – more economically and efficiently – by taking a “Passive before Active” approach –  by paying more attention to the design and construction of the building envelope.

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We envision a Manitoba where “By 2020, all new construction and renovation in Manitoba will produce cost effective, super-low-energy buildings.

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We believe

We believe that the inherent energy requirement of most buildings in Manitoba is too high. We need to minimize the heating and cooling energy liability of our buildings.

Achieving a Passivhaus-level building envelope will reduce installed cost & complexity of HVAC systems and result in long-term energy, maintenance, and replacement cost savings. It will also make buildings inherently more comfortable.

  1. “Passive before Active” – We believe that buildings can achieve much of the energy performance in our vision if more attention is paid to the design and construction of the building envelope:
    • solar orientation
    • shape-factor
    • air-tightness
    • thermal insulation
    • thermal-bridging reduction
  2. Performance management – We also believe there are significant potential energy savings for existing and new buildings by monitoring and managing building energy performance and systems.

Larsen Truss wall system

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The value proposition needs to change:

  • The market isn’t pulling – Buyers don’t put value on energy performance. Low energy prices extend payback. Buyers don’t see or put value on the comfort and quality-of-life benefits of energy efficient buildings.
  • Builders aren’t building – Many designers and builders have a “successful recipe” and don’t see value in changing – especially if they don’t see the market demanding change.

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We are taking this approach:

  • Focus – We keep our objectives simple and easy to understand. We can achieve more by focusing on a few things and concentrating our efforts.
  • Find niches and allies – We address key areas that need attention but aren’t being addressed by anyone else. If they are being addressed by someone else, we align with them to help move it forward.
  • Manitoba as a centre of excellence – Manitoba can become a leader in these areas

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The Transformative Buildings Group (TBG) members are architects, developers, contractors, manufacturers, energy providers, ENGOs, and consultants. Most TBG members are also members of SBM. We have been meeting since May 2014.

We have active involvement from a number of organizations, including these:

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Contact us

Send us an email: info.TB.MB (at)

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