Sustainable Concrete

Currently, concrete is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions, but there are countless organizations working on solutions to this significant environmental impact.

Join to learn about some of the solutions out there and more about some exciting emerging technologies.

Join to learn more about how to care about the embodied carbon of concrete and how that transforms over time.

Join to learn about environmental product declarations.

SBM Lunch and Learn Sustainability and Concrete Wednesday October 25th 12:00 via Zoom SPEAKER Matt Dalkie Senior Sustainability Manager Lafarge


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(we will still make time for questions at the end of the presentation).


Matt Dalkie

Matt is currently the Senior Sustainability Manager for Lafarge in Western Canada having held engineering positions in manufacturing plants and technical centers in NZ, UK, France and Canada. He has a detailed knowledge and understanding of cement manufacturing and the sustainable production of concrete and concrete products.


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Join fellow sustainable enthusiasts that same day at 5:00 at The Wood Tavern in Winnipeg’s St. Boniface to discuss the noon-time talk and more.

  • Where: The Wood Tavern (11 Marion St, Winnipeg)
  • When: Wednesday October 25th 5:00PM

Hope to see you there.

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